How SEM, PPC and GDN Play a Critical Role in Digital Marketing

Three out of five shoppers prefer using search engines to find what they need. To put it simply, people are always on the hunt for companies like yours. It is important to address these needs in order to direct them to your business site through relevant keywords. For this purpose SEM (search engine marketing) is perfect for a new responsive website as it can be placed on a level playing field, irrespective of its scale. SEM is typically implemented during site launch as this allows for quick traffic and impressions. We take pride in being a Google certified partner and will help you with your AdWords search advertising, display ads and contextual ads.


Our SEM solutions include:

We take pride in being a Google certified partner and will help you with your AdWords search advertising, display ads and contextual ads.

  • PPC (pay per click) management and creation of ad copy
  • Landing page creating for PPC campaign, including reporting and tracking
  • Keyword research, bidding and bid management for PPC
  • PPC campaign optimisation
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The right PPC marketing campaign allows you to reach the right audiences at the right time. The success of our PPC campaigns hinges on:

  • The right keywords to help people find you quickly
  • Creating of a landing page and constantly optimising it to showcase your unique products
  • Ongoing reporting and analysis to optimise the paid marketing campaign further



Google Display Network, also known as Google Display Ads is an effective pillar of digital marketing which businesses use to boost brand awareness by harnessing the power of Google to display their ads on the display network.

To elaborate a little, GDN can be regarded as a collection of conventional sites, mobile sites and apps that display Google AdWords ads or Google Display banners. This can also include Google-specific websites such as YouTube and Gmail.

Display ads come in a variety of formats, including rich media and banner ads. Display advertising mixes the best elements of video, audio and images to communicate a specific message to audiences.

Our experienced team is well aware of optimisation techniques to make the most of your GDN/ Google Search Engine Marketing campaign. We focus on the following key performance factors to boost your ad quality score:

  • Ad group and keyword
  • Device
  • Placement
  • Geographic & demographic
  • Hour of day & day of week
  • Conversion
  • Category exclusions
  • Reach & frequency

It is important to know that SEM and SEO go hand in hand. Whereas SEO can take months to reach an organic, more permanent search engine ranking, SEM can yield almost immediate and scalable results. A good, responsive web design will make good use of both and this is something which is noteworthy even before your brainstorm ways of how to build a website for your business. Our partnership with Google means that all our digital marketing professionals have been trained to perform SEM for your business according to standards and best practices set by Google.