We incorporate only the most tried and true UI philosophies for your SEO-optimised, Responsive web design

If you are looking to have an ecommerce website design that is 100% SEO optimised, we will build a highly responsive web design for you, while seamlessly integrating the best UI design practices currently known. In this modern age, it really pays to be online – you must have surely wondered out aloud at some point how to build a website that boasts a responsive web design for SEO purposes and has a UI design that leaves people breathless? At the heart of our UI design philosophy lie the following core principles:

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UI and UX are one in the same

Our UI designers take a holistic approach to UI design by looking at it from a UX (user experience) perspective. By understanding user flow, we are able to provide users exactly what they want: easy and straightforward navigation.

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Understanding target audience

We study in great detail so as to what kind of website design interface drives your audience. If you are not sure what web designs attract your audience, we will conduct in-depth analysis on your top competitors and come up with an eCommerce website design that is completely fresh, unique and caters to your audience’s desires.

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Simplicity and consistency win every time

Website visitors regard simplicity and ease-of-use above everything else. They should not have to look at a map just to find the range of services you offer. We cleverly combine elements like typography, colours, visual hierarchies and feedback messages to keep the navigation and layout on your website as simple and user-friendly as possible, yet elegant enough to compliment your brand.

Visual hierarchies are important

We incorporate only the most tried and true UI philosophies for your SEO-optimised, Responsive web design


Users will not navigate toward your landing page or key call-to-actions unless they are highlighted in a set order. We highlight and zoom in on key elements so that your visitors convert quickly to customers. People respond very well to consistent visual patterns and we throw in just the right visual elements to achieve this.

Typography sells

Different fonts showcase different personalities – we will use fonts that speak to your audiences, and highlight them using mesmerising backgrounds to achieve the desired contrast level.


Ideal colour/contrast combo

Choosing the right contrasting colours for your UI design is a science in itself. Every colour has its unique character; going with the correct tone and contrasting level will instantly tell audiences what you are all about. This is how they relate to you, after all.

Feedback messages

Feedback messages are necessary to convey essential information to visitors when they perform certain actions. If they perform an incorrect action, a well-designed messaged needs to inform them in an intuitive way so as to what they should do next.

Forms work best when they are simple

The most minimalistic forms elicit the best response. Enough said!